I have been teaching for 3 years at Life School and practicing as a Licensed/Certified Atheltic Trainer for 5 years. I am a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington. I really enjoy working with the students and introducing them to the profession of Athletic Training. 
Sports Medicine 2 & 3
6th period: 1:22-2:07PM
Athletic Training
  • Treatments are EACH school day at 7:15AM. No Treatment will be given after 7:45AM
  • Each athlete MUST sign in each time prior to receiving treatment or getting taped
  • No Treatment during Academic or Athletic Periods unless cleared by a staff Athletic Training Staff.
    • No Self-administered treatments
    • If you DID NOT come in for morning treatment- you WILL NOT come during the athletic period
  • No cleats or muddy shoes in the Athletic Training Room
  • Appropriate behavior and dress is required at all times
  • You MUST take a shower before getting into the whirlpool
  • Leave all electronic devices in your locker.
  • No Food or Drinks allowed!


IF you are hurt, YOU will be here!

IF you are here; YOU will get better!

IF you are better; WE WILL WIN!