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Step right in to Mr. Vandergriff's class! This is your one-stop shop for all things U.S. History and Debate.
A few things to know about Mr. Vandergriff. I was born in Dallas, TX and raised in Aledo, a small Texas-town west of Fort Worth. After graduating from Aledo High School in 2005, I matriculated to Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!), where I studied History and Radio-TV-Film. Post-graduation, I traveled here, there, and everywhere; doing this, that, and the other to pay the bills. After a little bit of soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that it was time to reestablish some roots and do something I was truly passionate about--teaching--which is how I came to stand, virtually, before you today. 
Important Links U.S. History:
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Tutorial Times:
Monday & Wednesday 3:50-4:35
1st- U.S. History 
2nd- U.S. History
3rd- Conference (9:38-10:28)
4th- U.S. History
5th- Debate
6th- Department Planning
7th- U.S. History
8th- U.S. History