Welcome to Geometry

Welcome to Geometry with Mr. Schleif.  I am from Cedar Hill, TX and graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington.  I have had the opportunity to teach almost everything in math from 8th grade up to Calculus, but currently teach only Geometry.  Geometry is so exciting and I hope you will find something this year that you find exciting also!  
2016-2017 Schedule
1st Period: 8:00am-8:45am
2nd Period: 8:49am-9:34am (Conference)
3rd Period: 9:38am-10:28am
Enhancement: 10:32am-10:59am
Lunch: 11:03am-11:29am
4th Period: 11:33am-12:29pm
5th Period: 12:33pm-1:18pm
6th Period: 1:22pm-2:07pm
7th Period: 2:11pm-2:56pm
8th Period: 3:00pm-3:45pm (Conference)
I offer tutoring most mornings from 7:25am-7:55am in Room 415.  Occasionally I will have meetings or other obligations that will prevent me from offering tutoring, and I will try to inform the students when I know of a conflict beforehand.  
Please go to Schoology to find all class information: www.schoology.com 
This is a dynamic textbook, with links to videos and activities students can use outside the classroom to help further their understanding of geometry.
Here are some links to useful websites for math: