Mr. Bodey- All About Me

I'm Aaron Bodey, and I teach English III, Journalism, and Practical Writing. I am originally from Indiana, and I've lived in 3 other states, but I finally made it to Texas nine years ago. I came to Texas to attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) as a Youth Ministries Major, but in my sophomore year, I transitioned into English Education and I've never regretted it. I married my wife, Kerri, in 2011, graduated from SAGU in 2014, and was discharged from the Army after 8 years of service in December 2015. We have three amazing kiddos, Addie, Griffin, and Lily. We love living and working in Waxahachie. This is my 5th year as a certified teacher and my 8th as an educator.
English III: This class is the junior level English course and it integrates both American Literature and Composition skills.
Practical Writing: This class is both a writing enhancement course and every day, workforce-related writing course. The first three quarters focus on improving students STAAR composition skills, and the fourth quarter focuses on writing skills they will need as members of the workforce all while discovering the links between leadership and professionalism.
Journalism: This class is an overview of Journalistic ethics, law, methods, and style. We also produce the school News Magazine/Newspaper, The Herd, which is now in its third year of production. 
Independent Study in Journalism: This is a leadership development course that focuses on building leadership skills within the context of Journalism. They will not only dig deeper into journalistic styles and skills, they will also peer-teach and act as section/student editors. 
My schedule is as follows:




1st Period


Planning (Out of Room)

2nd Period


English III

3rd Period


Practical Writing

0 Period



4th Period


Practical Writing

5th Period


Journalism/Independent Study

6th Period


Conference (Out of Room)

7th Period


English III  

8th Period


English III  

I work with students, tutoring and extra work time on assignments, on M-T from 3:45-4:30, unless I announce otherwise that day. Morning tutoring is by appointment only.